Beachfront Land for Sale

   Beachfront Property For Sale on St. George's Caye, Belize   

Three individual parcels of land are offered for sale in this listing.

1. The “Resort/Subdivision” contains 2.915 acres and has approximately 900 feet of beachfront   $1,850,000 USD
2. The "Resort Owner’s Private Residence” contains approximately 0.67 acres   259,000 USD
3. The lot, located near the top of the picture, contains approximately 0.18 acres (70 ft. x 110 ft. = 7,700 sq. ft.)   130,000 USD

The two parcels are being offered together as a result of the seller’s experience having previously owned a diving resort on St. George's Caye. Generally speaking, it can be rather difficult for an owner to get as much privacy as he might wish while living on the resort grounds. On the other hand, having a residence which is detached from the resort can provide as much privacy as one might wish. And, assuming that the owner does not intend to live on the detached property full time, it is relatively easy to design the private residence such that it could also be rented out quite profitably to guests who might wish to have more privacy than is available at the resort.

This land could also be used to house the resort staff off premises.

Resort Owner's Private Residence, Resort/Subdivision parcel and the small lot as seen from the north

Resort/Subdivision parcel, plus the adjoining reserve land, as seen from the north

Approximately 1.055 acres of "reserves" currently exist adjacent to this property (see blue lines above). On Saint George's Caye, one does not "own" such reserves. Rather, they are "government reserves" which act as a "right of way" through which all are permitted to pass. However, such reserves cannot be "occupied" on a permanent basis. Thus, since they can only act as a "right of way" to someone who is going somewhere, the reserves to the west and south of this property would rarely be used in this manner. The reserves which lie adjacent to this property make it "feel" as though it is more or less 4 acres in size even though only 2.915 acres can actually be "owned".

  • The property is identified on the map provided on the Maps and Surveys page of this web site as 17-63-154 and 17-63-155.
  • Lot 17-63-154 contains 2.038 acres and lot 17-63-155 contains .877 acres. Taken together these two parcels contain a total 2.915 acres.
  • Taxes: Approximately US$900.00 annually
  • Earnest money: A non-refundable payment of 5 percent of the purchase price is required.

Resort Owner’s Private Residence is the lot whose corner markers are shown as H, I, J and K. The lot is rectangular measuring 225’ x 130’ which contains more or less 0.67 acres. The distance to the Resort/Subdivision lot is about 400 feet and, in that a public right of way runs along the eastern side of the island, access is both easy and guaranteed.


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